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Person of contact

Gérald HEINE
Phone: 32-(0)475683948
Email: geraldheine@skynet.be

Contact details

6 B, Chemin de Fallais
Phone: 32-(0)19545457
Fax :32-(0)19545457
Email: geraldheine@skynet.be

company profile

Company history

THE BUSINESS comprises two departments:

· Petfood (Core Business): we produce a completely innovative concept in natural dog foods. They are cheaper (add 50% water), universal (suitable for all types of dog), help to combat obesity and are easily digestible thanks to the removal of excess starch.

· Petcare: We market a range of natural health care products for dogs, cats and horses. These include collars (anti-parasite), shampoos, insect-repellent lotions and spot-on.

We would like to establish a sustainable presence in France, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Added Value

We offer an alternative to kibbles that is completely natural and contains high-quality ingredients. Our raw materials are natural and can be recognised with the naked eye. This is a complete, balanced and universal product. As regards proteins, we have two ranges: vegetable (soya – fish oil) and animal (sheep + chicken + beef + reindeer).

Part of the starch is removed through a simple process that involves heating the food for a very short time.

We also produce natural treats for horses containing no added sugars (carrots, corn, alfalfa, flax, etc.)

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

- Dogfood: Flair Food and pocket bowls (travel or back-up bowls)

- Horse treats: Jump

- Healthcare products: Flair Care